Interview with Distributor Prianto

Prianto CEO William Geens talks about digital change and collaboration with MATESO

Mr. Geens, IT security solutions have become a strategic competitive factor across all industries. To what extent does Password Safe complement Prianto’s security portfolio?

Prianto strategically compiles its portfolio of security solutions. Password management is absolutely central to data security and Identity & Access Management. Password Safe from MATESO complements the portfolio perfectly, also because it can be very cleverly linked with other solutions in the area of Access Rights Management.

How has the business of software products changed in times of Cloud and Co.?

Software is and remains a business in need of explanation. Knowledge of the solution and its possible uses remains the core of successful sales. Prianto offers software in the various common forms from ESD download, managed services and software as a service to cloud solutions. We are used to adapting agilely to the changes in the software market.

What distinguishes Prianto from other distributors?

The focus on enterprise software and the dedicated teams for the software solutions of our manufacturer partners make Prianto a preferred source for system houses, resellers, and MSPs in the software business. We combine knowledge with operational excellence and remain a down-to-earth and friendly company.

How will distributor business change with Digitization 4.0?

Digitization (4.0) has become inevitable for every company. Software is playing an increasingly central role in IT and is becoming a decisive competitive factor. We are working, so to speak, at the heart of the IT of the future. Distributors must also participate in this development through continuous optimization and adaptation in order to meet the requirements of the market. Prianto works closely with its manufacturers and partners to identify trends and needs at an early stage. The developments in the field of artificial intelligence, for example, will play an increasingly important role.

Last but not least: What do you like about Password Safe?

There are several factors that inspire us. The solution is mature and offers many development possibilities in the field of Identity Management. The MATESO team has the will to grow and invest in its team. As a distribution partner, we want to work closely with Password Safe and our reseller partners to successfully exploit the excellent growth opportunities on the market.

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May 13, 2019|
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