Efficient security for end-users

Easy access, easy management—for every employee

Packaging powerful features in a leaner product for all end-users.
Expect professional password management, for less.
Company-wide solution that is easy to use and manage.
Optimised performance, speed, with no compromise in security.

Smart security solution

Coupled with SSO

  • For immediate use: no training effort, no end-user instruction required

  • For the company-wide compliance with your security policies

  • The audit-proof solution for efficient compliance management

Time-saving user provisioning for all business areas:
The LightClient can be installed and synchronised across departments and devices. This allows you to integrate the single sign-on solution successfully and seamlessly into every workstation!

Your self-service solution

  • Fast onboarding: Integrate new employees without any previous knowledge or induction

  • More employee productivity: Access applications and information quickly and centrally

  • Strong authentication: Simply register and work securely

The functional LightClient is the right choice for every employee:
Users can navigate quickly and easily – even without technical know-how or training effort.
Safe on the Web: With the integrated WebClient.

Comfortable user interface

  • Great usability: The easy operation and usage makes manuals superfluous

  • Efficient and time-saving menu navigation: simple touch design with large buttons

  • Intuitive touch screen interface: Platform-independent and promoting flexible working

Simple, direct, intuitive:
The slim icon optic offers maximum user flexibility – even on touch devices and small screens. With individually configurable interface through drag and drop, sorting and the integrated tab system.

The Human Security Gap

From social engineering attacks, like deepfakes all the way to data theft and insecure password practices, this whitepaper highlights some of the most important threat scenarios in terms of human error for companies. Assess various solutions that are available and how you can best protect your company with one that fits your business environment.

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