Password Secure
for key users

Password Safe for key users

Manage passwords — like a boss

Encouraging password management by example

As you manage your team, make it easier to manage your company’s secrets too. Assign authorisations, share passwords and execute tasks without having to wait for IT to do them. Seamless security for your team is now in your control.
Managers make people their strongest suit

Managers make people their strongest suit

Why make passwords your weakest link? There are myriad challenges when it comes to strong passwords, and shared accounts across company locations. Key users, who may even be managers, team leads, or department heads, can boost collaboration with secure password sharing, ensure policy compliance and resolve issues without having to wait for IT to step in.

Your wins

Secure handling

As a key user, you can see how strong passwords are within your team and maintain oversight on login activity. Set password policies and requirements such as the multiple eyes principle for a more secure workflow.

Switching interfaces

Key users need to have visibility over their team’s password activity. With the FullClient view, key users can choose to enable or even hide certain modules to provide more targeted control over password management.

Password sharing

Access data can now be shared easily and securely. Not only within your on-site team but also across locations and those you authorise with necessary rights. Additional permissions allow passwords to remain hidden and not revealed in plain text while still being used for logins.

Team management

Each team user can be assigned specific rights according to their position and requirements with role-based access control. You can modify these settings at any time or even set temporary permissions that are time or need-based.


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