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More Cyber Security in just 19 Minutes

Cyber security is a complex topic that small and medium-sized enterprises in particular often devote too little time to due to a lack of resources. But even small adjustments can make a big difference. In our latest blog post, we reveal how you can sustainably improve your cyber security in just 19 minutes and why this is particularly important in Germany.

April 19, 2021|

5 tips for a secure master password

With Password Safe you only need to remember one password: your master password. This password should be as secure as possible and protect the credentials stored in Password Safe from unauthorized access. So in this blog post, we are going to reveal five tips for a good master password that will make things really difficult for hackers and other password thieves.

April 12, 2021|

Why IT needs to listen particularly carefully when it comes to home offices

Our working world is changing: more and more employees are working remotely, agilely and digitally together. For an effective and pleasant home office experience, however, the right IT infrastructure is important. IT departments must not simply shrug their shoulders at these challenges but must listen to their colleagues. Because only those who ask questions can reveal potential for improvement and introduce the right measures.

April 6, 2021|

Shop locally: IT security made in Germany

Shopping locally is already common practice in the supermarket. Short distances, local contacts, greater transparency – these are just some of the many advantages. So why should your password manager come from the US? Find out in the following blog post why the “Made in Germany” label is essential for your IT security.

March 29, 2021|

Password Management: 4 tips on how to get every employee on board

You've purchased the software and installed it on all computers. You've conducted training. You told everyone to always and only use Password Safe. But you still find post-its with confidential login information on the screens of your employees and colleagues. Because rolling out new tools is a complex, often underestimated process that takes time and preparatory work. We will show you how you can achieve a rollout with high user acceptance!

March 18, 2021|

Cognitive dissonance

People like to fool themselves. They know it’s dangerous to use the same password for multiple accounts. The unpleasant feeling that results is called cognitive dissonance. In this article, learn how cognitive dissonance occurs and how you can still encourage employees to adopt secure password behaviors.

March 11, 2021|

„Password Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”

The most expensive IT security equipment is worthless if the topic of cybersecurity is not anchored in the corporate culture, and thus also in the actions of the employees. In this article, you can find out how the corporate culture can be developed step by step toward greater IT security awareness.

March 2, 2021|

Cyber threats 2021

Digitalization and the associated acceleration have shifted the threat scenarios for 2021. According to a survey by Allianz, cyber attacks have become the most important risk for companies this year – special protection is required here. We clarify what private users and companies can expect in terms of security risks in 2021.

February 19, 2021|

My career Start in Corona Times

There’s only one way to find out if you really fit into a company – working together every day. That’s why our new marketing employee Jana takes you behind the scenes at MATESO. We show her first impressions during the trial work, when she was helped us with the video production for a partner event!

January 25, 2021|

Password Safe 8.12 out now

Say goodbye to the master password to login and hello to Password Safe version 8.12! What else there is to discover in the new update …

January 21, 2021|
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