Password Safe 8.12 out now

Say goodbye to the master password to login and hello to Password Safe version 8.12! What else there is to discover in the new update …

Bye-bye Master Password!

From now on you can log in to Password Safe yourself without entering a password! On the FullClient a smartcard can now be stored as the first factor and the web service supports all FIDO2-compliant authentication methods such as the Yubikey! This could previously already be used for two-factor authentication for applications stored in Password Safe. For users of version 8.12 this now means “clear head from passwords” all along the line: Employees no longer have to remember a master password or manage it externally to use Password Safe.

The best thing about it is that the admin can use a selection mechanism to flexibly specify which employees should continue to log in via master password (as required in IT) and for whom logging in via Windows Hello or Touch ID is safe enough, as with normal end users. Of course, a second factor for logging in can also be stored as before.

Highlighting Effect for Passwords

We all know it: Especially with long, complex passwords with many special characters and numbers, a “§” can easily be mistaken for an “S” or a “9” for a “g”. This is especially true for passwords that are created with the help of password generators and are therefore particularly long and secure. Now there are exceptional cases in which a password must be copied from Password Safe. For example in the factory on industrial machines without network connection or when a new end device is set up! The highlighting effect is now available for these cases: Special characters, letters and numbers are distinguished from one another with the aid of different colors to improve readability and thus save time.

Generate Passwords on the Move

If unsecure or reusable passwords are in circulation in companies, there is usually one reason: When a secure password was needed, none was available. Today, employees need new passwords even far away from their PCs – for example, on the way to work or at the machine in the factory. This is why the Password Safe App now offers a password generator: Employees can now create secure passwords anywhere via smartphone 24/7 if they need them. Whether on the road, at a customer or in a meeting: Bad passwords no longer stand a chance!

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January 21, 2021|
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