Security pays off.
Faster than you might think!

We have calculated it for you:

Your helpdesk
costs without
Password Safe


Amount of Helpdesk password requests
per employee and year

20.- €
Average costs per Helpdesk request

14,000.- €
Costs per year

Your costs by entering
the passwords manually
without Password Safe


Number of entries per

3,200.- €
Average salary

10,560.- €
Costs per year

Your costs by
renewing the service
account passwords

per account

Amount of the renewed
service account passwords per month***

3.60 €
Average costs
per password reset

4,320.- €
Costs per year

Annual total costs caused by Helpdesk and manual password management without Password Safe

24,560.- €
without service account management

28,880.- €
with service account management

Your costs for
Password Safe

without Password
Discovery & Reset


Helpdesk requests 
No time loss caused by logins

97.74 €
Costs per employee

9,773.75 €** 
Acquisition costs

14,786.25 €
Return on Invest (ROI) in the first year
without Password Discovery & Reset

24,560.- € annual costs without Password Safe

88 days
until break-even

Your costs for
Password Safe Plus

with Password
Discovery & Reset


Time loss caused by logins and
no manual service account reset

142.74 € 
Costs per employee

14,273.75 €** 
Acquisition costs

14,606.25 €
Return on Invest (ROI) in the first year
with Password Discovery & Reset

28,880.- € annual costs without Password Safe

109 days
until break-even

Costs due to unsecure
or forgotten passwords

caused by 
data loss


The result of our calculation was as follows: With 100 employees you will save about 14,000 € in the first year already. The break-even point for »return on invest« will be reached as early as after 88 days. With additional investment in »Password Discovery & Reset« after 109 days. Incidentally: The costs for system failures caused by security breaches and data theft aren’t even included in the calculations – as if there weren’t enough good arguments already. 

*10 seconds to enter a password, projected to 220 days ** Incl. software maintenance for 12 months / Price exl. legally valid VAT *** Our valuations assume an average salary of 3.200 € per month based on 220 work days per year and employee. This means 174.55 €/day, 21.82 €/h, 0.36 €/min and 0.06 €/sec

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