The Human Security Gap

Deliberate or just careless – the result remains the same. The own employee represents a considerable security risk for companies. According to current studies, 76% of those questioned see poorly trained employees as the greatest security risk for companies. What is the reason for this and how can you counteract it?

The Data Theft Nightmare: How much does your Password cost?

What do you think about data theft: security holes in the system? Hacked accounts and stunned employees? In fact, a serious system error is often overlooked: the human factor. One in five employees would be willing to sell their company’s passwords for less than $1,000 each.²

Whether it’s Ignorance or calculating Behavior: It can affect any Company

1 out of 5 employees shares his login data with colleagues. As if this fact wasn’t shocking enough: employees also like to use one and the same password for several applications. And their private passwords for logging into the company (Sailpoint Survey).

“There is no security, just different degrees of insecurity.”

Anton Neuhäusler, Professor of Philosophy

Why is this extreme carelessness? Exactly two factors are decisive: Firstly, the amount of accounts that a user has to manage has increased extremely in the last few years. In addition, the guidelines for passwords have become more and more stringent. It is therefore almost impossible to remember a secure password for every access.

Professional Password Managers: Skilful Action against Data Misuse

Only a professional data management system such as Password Safe can help against human weakness: passwords are created automatically and, if desired, covertly, security-critical accesses can be protected by the multiple-eye principle. All actions are strictly logged and thus prevent data misuse.


September 30, 2020|
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