Tech Diary of the it-sa 2019: Day 1

from Cybersecurity Evangelist Sascha Martens

Let us take you to it-sa 2019 in Nuremberg: Immerse yourself in the world of digital security – with our Head of Solution Architects Sascha Martens.

The first day at the it-sa – as always an incredible start with a huge, impressive stand. From a techies point of view, not only the tasty ice cream and the coffee attracted the people to us, but also our technical news – the beta version of the app and SAML for example …
Already on the first day, we could confirm our way – to provide Password Safe for the whole company – as exactly right. In every conversation, we were asked for a customized interface for the “normal user” … And we could always score with our LightClient solution!
Personally, I was especially pleased about the large crowd at my presentation in forum 9 – shared passwords were the focus here. Even though I didn’t introduce myself, we were able to have super interesting conversations throughout the entire team and not only leave day 1 with great new contacts but also with cool ideas for our product.

Cybersecurity evangelist Sascha Martens is Head of Solutions Architect at MATESO. For the Password Safe Blog he writes regular Tech Diaries, which give an entertaining insight into current topics and events from an IT perspective.

October 9, 2019|
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