System Administrator Appreciation Day

31 July 2020 is the admin appreciation day. Time to bring the heroes from the background into the frontend for a big thank you!
The admin is often inconspicuous or even invisible. But at the latest when the last reminder to change the personal password has expired and you no longer have e-mail access via your end devices, the admin quickly becomes your personal superhero. Time to say thank you! Should it be a fruit basket or maybe a bouquet of flowers? The best gift we can give him is to relieve him! See how …

Create Security Awareness

“But isn’t there an annual training for greater cyber security?” The digital world is constantly changing. Every day hackers come up with new ideas to overcome virtual walls of protection. Ask yourself honestly: “Is general training from time to time sufficient to make clear the necessity that every employee has responsibility? Is the training perhaps too dry? And do my employees feel addressed at all or do they maybe just think: ‘The admin does it all, that’s his job …’?

Involve Managers

If your supervisor uses only simple passwords or stores them insecurely, he sets the bar pretty low for his department in terms of security policy compliance. But for a true and sustainable cyber security culture, every single employee is required! Even the best security solution cannot work magic if employees whisper passwords, fall for phishing emails or do not lock their PC. A mentality for internal security only emerges when employees understand that security tools relieve them and when they are aware of the risks and consequences of security breaches. It is therefore important to divide responsibility within the company and, above all, to train managers to keep an eye on their employees and regularly monitor compliance with security policies. They should also always set a good example and demonstrate to their employees how significant professional password management looks like in practice.

The right Tool for the right Position

Power users and department heads alike can use a slimmed-down view of the FullClient to relieve the burden on administrators in Password Safe: This offers more functions, for example to control the password quality within the department or to check registered accesses for completeness. For the Daily Doing, power users can then simply switch back to the LightClient!

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June 22, 2020|
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