New in 8.7: The LightClient

Hackers and spies, the competition and criminals – they all want our data. Therefore, security technologies are becoming increasingly complex to keep pace. How can a company do justice to the complex IT world and not get lost in it? How the LightClient centrally provides simple security structures and what usability really means to us …

Why simple can be complicated

There are many software solutions that promise more IT security and less complexity. Because a holistic security solution has to master various requirements.

  • The boss says: “I want a simple solution.” So it should be affordable and solve his problem in the best possible way.
  • The employee says: “I want to work with a simple system.” In plain language: It should work without him knowing how exactly.
  • The administrator says: “I will install a very simple solution for everyone.” In other words, the installation is quick and he doesn’t have to explain much to the employees.
  • The developer says: “I’ll build a simple solution for you.” In other words: He programs software that is fully operational in a short time.
  • The graphic artist says: “I will design a simple interface.” In other words, the design is minimalist and visually appealing.

As you can see, the word “simple” is rather complex. So how can software meet the different requirements and perspectives?

The usability story

In the digital age, more and more people are talking about usability. In other words: They are talking about the ability, alias the skills of a user. Unfortunately, these abilities can differ as much as people are different. Take a company, for example: Your new accounting employee may have a completely different understanding of technology than the IT-savvy Sales engineer, who enjoys programming in his spare time. This is why usability is also the hurdle that many security systems have failed to overcome so far.

At the same time, the number of applications and software interfaces as well as the danger from cyberspace is increasing rapidly. This creates further security gaps in companies that urgently need to be monitored. In order to face up to the growing cyber threat, IT is being demanded more and more – correlating with a growing shortage of skilled workers. The trick is therefore to develop a software solution that can be used immediately and intuitively by any user – across departments and capabilities. Only if every employee uses Password Safe at his or her workplace, all security gaps in a company can be closed.

Our MATESO statement: “Whether development, operation or design: We will develop a solution that offers sophisticated simplicity – the LightClient”.

Simple meets smart – the LightClient

So we sat down at a table brainstorming: “What does an integrative Password Safe version need that everyone can use quickly and without any knowledge or training required? The solution: It definitely must provide a password generator and password management. It must also work on the web and ensure a fast and secure login through SSO. So we developed the LightClient!

We packed all this into an appealing design, which harmoniously carries the simple functionality to the outside. And thus made every end-user happy – from the reception desk to the administrator. With a normal FullClient license, any Password Safe 8.7 user can switch to the LightClient to try it out. Exclusive LightClient licenses can be booked discounted in the Enterprise Plus Edition.

April 3, 2019|
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