Merry Treemas from MATESO!

In cooperation with Treedom we have founded the MATESO Forest this year! In order to support the small farmers in Cameroon and to counter the deforestation in the region, 100 cocoa trees were planted in Cameroon in the name of MATESO.

This year we consciously decided against conventional Christmas presents and instead made a tree sponsorship on Treedom possible for our business partners. Because just as our product has grown over the years, we can give something back by planting trees and do something good for the environment. Treedom is the only website in the world that makes it possible to plant a tree from afar and track how it grows online. Come into the forest and find out how many trees have already been planted.

Go to MATESO Forest

Treedom gives us the opportunity to make a small but important contribution against climate change and deforestation. And – as in Password Safe – the whole thing works with just a few clicks!

For more growth and the future

The MATESO forest is a project that is very close to our hearts as a company. The Treedom forests have an immense impact on the ecosystem by reducing CO2 emissions, protecting and strengthening the soil, and counteracting soil erosion. With the launch of 100 trees alone, the MATESO Forest will filter and store several tons of Co2 from the atmosphere – and that’s just the beginning …

In addition, Treedom supports local communities by creating sustainable sources of income for small farmers and generating new jobs. We are very pleased to be part of this initiative with immediate effect. We are looking forward to visiting our forest and marveling at its growth!

Farmer Treedom
December 12, 2019|
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