High availability

High availability with password safe
No time for downtime

No time for downtime

Uninterrupted data availability, always

A server failure doesn’t announce its arrival. At such times, unexpected challenges can interrupt business continuity and impact operations. That’s why we make it our responsibility to ensure your business isn’t caught in the middle.

Maintaining high availability, you have reliable access to your passwords. All data is also available offline and automatically synchronises when the connection is up and running again.

Reliable technology that ensures uninterrupted access to data

Scalable architecture

Reliable performance that grows with your business

Online & offline access

Hassle-free access to passwords with data stored locally

Server clustering

Have access to your data and Password Secure even during any unforeseen crisis

Automatic backups

Regular real-time backups to access updated information

Terminal server support

Connect to the server with a remote desktop to access company resources

Import data

Import data into Password Secure with instant synchronisation across devices

Access control list

Augment protection by regulating user and system access to your database

Password Secure for your company

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