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password management for teams

Teamwork? Well-secured.

Collaborate efficiently and securely with colleagues

Whether in small working groups, large teams, or entire departments, the proper handling of business data is crucial for your company’s security. In almost every organisation, teams face the question of how to share passwords securely without revealing them in plain text. Does your company have rules about this? If not, this leaves an excellent chance for hackers to attack. Time to professionalise your team’s password management.

Play it safe, together

Play it safe, together

Insecure password practices, such as storing them in plain text, can jeopardise sensitive data and negatively impact the security posture of your company. Leave no doors open for cyber threats with a professional solution that safeguards your sensitive data. Share passwords securely across teams and boost collaboration with a trustworthy password manager.

Team benefits

Intuitive interface

Simplify password management with an effortless and easy-to-use solution. Intuitive features enable users to generate and store strong passwords that are available across devices and locations.

Secure password sharing

Share data such as passwords, credit card information, or tokens in just a few clicks with your team. Data remains a secret if you want it to. As the person in charge, you control who can use, view, share, or edit this shared information.

Role-based access control

Fine-grained authorisation management maps all company hierarchies, even the most complex ones. Team members only have access to the exact information required to complete tasks in their best capacity.

Approval mechanisms

With the seal function, users must first get approval to view a password. Password masking prevents the passwords from being revealed but it can still be used for logging in. These selective and granular control mechanisms ensure data is tightly-protected.


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