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Prevent unauthorised access to your data with end-to-end encryption

Business security depends on how and where we store our data. But how can you trust your security software to keep your business data, secret?
End-to-End encryption (E2EE) in Password Secure ensures no third party can intercept, modify, or delete your data. Syncing information across devices employs RSA E2EE to secure data. All encrypted data remains with the authorised owner.

End-to-End encryption in Password Secure

secure end-to-end encryption with password safe
All critical business data is immediately encrypted, even before storing
Users with authorised permissions have access to the stored data

Technology that encrypts your digital life

Your database is encrypted. Your data is encrypted. And so is your privacy. Built with robust encryption methods, end-to-end encryption is a powerful method that ensures data can be decrypted only by the rightful recipient.

Your data remains with you. Even MATESO does not have access to your data
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“From Self-Hosting Up To Outsourcing”

Whether it`s SaaS, cloud, managed service or on-premises: There are various terms circulating through the IT landscape these days when it comes to using software. With this overview, we compare the respective advantages and disadvantages to help companies find the right solution!

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