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Printus und MATESO – Partner mit Perspektiven

Printus GmbH, the No. 1 in the online and mail order business for office supplies in Germany, trusts in the No. 1 in enterprise password management: Password Safe by MATESO

Important documents need to be printed, but the printer cartridges are empty. The boss is in a bad mood because he has back pain due to his office chair that has been sat through. The beamer goes belly up shortly before an important presentation - horror scenarios that can quickly be put to an end. Everything that is needed for this can be found at Printus GmbH, the No. 1 for commercial office supplies. Thanks to the huge product range with more than 35,000 articles and the fast 24-hour delivery service, every customer can find what he is looking for within a very short time. MATESO, a loyal customer, also appreciates this service.

Founded in 1977 as a distribution company for copying films, Printus GmbH, based in Offenburg, Germany, today has an annual turnover of 700 million euros and is no longer purely specialized in office supplies, but also offers media and communication articles as well as consumer electronics. Sales are handled via 18 different online stores and numerous catalogs. In addition, the company employs over 1,300 people throughout the Printus Group.

Simple and secure password management at Printus thanks to "Password Safe by MATESO

More than one million satisfied customers have been relying on Printus' good service and reliable delivery for 40 years. To ensure that this can continue to be guaranteed in the future, Printus attaches great importance to company security. This also includes a conscientious and proper handling of passwords. Due to the rapid growth, however, this is not always easy to achieve with a current staff of 1,300. The need for a password management system that can manage all passwords centrally, as well as the possibility of multi-user password management with rights management, became more and more urgent. "When we were looking for the right software, it was important to us that employees could use some passwords but not read them," explains Printus' Head of Infrastructure IT, Networks and Security.

The program of choice is Password Safe as it meets all the requirements that Printus places on a password management system. MATESO has also been in the market for more than 18 years in this field and has a competent support team with fast response times. "Password Safe creates a central, clearly structured password management system that enables us to handle complex passwords efficiently", says Printus.

Uncomplicated implementation and competent support at MATESO

The implementation of Password Safe was carried out independently with the help of e-mail support and ran smoothly. Additional consulting was not necessary. "We are very satisfied with the support. Whenever it was necessary, we received fast and competent answers. Together with MATESO we were able to implement a secure solution for managing our passwords quickly and easily. The security of our passwords and therefore of our systems was increased. The support convinced us with very good response times and competent employees", Printus sums up.

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