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Netz16 puts its security in the hands of MATESO GmbH

Security made in Germany - Netz16 uses Password Safe and Repository: the excellent software by MATESO GmbH for safe management of passwords.

Technology is great when it works. If it doesn’t, things become critical and expensive. A competent IT partner is required for IT to work reliably. However, the supply is huge. Finding the right partner often seems nearly impossible, and making a wrong decision could result in a doomsday. Inaccurate documentation, confusing service receipts, or unclear invoices complete the chaos. But help is on the way, because these problems can easily be avoided. Transparent servicing is the solution. Exactly this is provided by the full service IT system house Netz16 GmbH, based in Augsburg and Munich, with its own data centres in Augsburg, Frankfurt and Munich. Its service management solution provides complete documentation, complete service records, and comprehensible invoicing, as a key to a sustainable and trusting cooperation. More than 100 IT specialists work to ensure smooth course of demanding projects, so that the customers of Netz16 can focus on their core business. If more employees are needed, 1,500 employees can assist through the FNEXT network of Netz16 throughout the country and in all IT areas. TRANSPARENCY is very important for Netz16 to ensure satisfied customers, good solutions, and job satisfaction.

Netz16 optimizes its workflow and its security with Password Safe and Repository

The many customers and employees mean for Netz16, as an IT service provider, a wide range of information that should be protected with secure passwords. However, it is important to exercise particular caution, because all information can potentially be dangerous. The weakest link of the chain is the human - the biggest weakness, which attackers love to exploit. Proper handling of all passwords is thus essential, especially since they are documented for the customers, and must be available. A central password manager is therefore absolutely necessary. At the same time, the daily operations of Netz16 should proceed smoothly and without much effort. To ensure this, the management opted for the software "Password Safe and Repository" by MATESO GmbH. "Outstanding features and a favourable price-performance-ratio were only two criteria that have convinced us of Password Safe and Repository," explains Christian Popp, computer scientist (vocational university), Managing Director of Netz16 GmbH. “Password Safe was the only solution to meet all of our requirements and it is, unlike others, a German solution. Fortunately, it comes right from our backyard.” Password Safe thus not only allows improved workflow, but also greater safety in managing passwords. With Password Safe, each user can access only data they are entitled to access. Furthermore, everything is carefully documented and logged. The quick search of passwords facilitates the daily work greatly, and supports the processes in Netz16 due to considerable time savings. “In case of high-security passwords, I do not need to worry about security as a managing director, since they are sealed, and a workflow is set in motion in case of an emergency. Example: A retiring employee cannot take a password with them, and it would be noticed immediately,” says Popp about the benefits of Password Safe.

Password Safe and Repository impress through reliability

The implementation of Password Safe was fast and smooth. MATESO lieferte nicht nur die Lizenzen, sondern stand Netz16 auch unterstützend zur Seite. “The support provided by the Consulting department was always quick and technically outstanding, whenever it was required”, says Popp. Support requests that cannot be solved by the Netz16 technicians trained in Password Safe, and thus need to be passed on to MATESO, are rare. “Whenever that happens, the help is quick and straightforward,” says Popp. The complete solution in the password and identity management field provides an unrivalled range of functions. Individualized authorizations, multi-control principle, and Single Sign-On are just a few of the many features the software offers. “Password Safe is a reliable solution for a sophisticated and secure management of passwords. Not only the mere encryption of passwords, but also the associated processes can be replicated”, sums up Popp. “We are not only impressed users; we also implement Password Safe and Repository with the associated processes for our customers as a solution."              

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