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»As a large multi-utility company (with approximately 2,700 employees in the areas of gas, water, district heating and electricity supply, sewage, public transport, telecom and ISP, waste disposal, etc.) with a very heterogeneous IT infrastructure and a number of systems to be supervised (and accordingly many passwords and sensitive documents that are managed and stored in different ways), we were faced with the task of integrating this data into a central system.

After assessing several systems, we opted for the Password Safe solution by MATESO. Decisive for us was (in addition to all the integrated safety-related features that you would expect from such a software, but do not get just anywhere), including synchronization with Active Directory, the concealed, automatic log-on to various systems and applications, as well as web pages and the remote desktop, the multi-control and access authorisation principle (sealing system), the highly secure data storage via a permanently synchronized, second database server, and an optional offline database on a local computer. The revision security and the attractive price-performance ratio also played a role in the decision.

Already shortly after the introduction, the added value could be noticed through increased willingness to finally comply with the guidelines by inserting sensitive data into the Password Safe system. The easier access to passwords, which is relevant for multiple departments or persons who act as a "holiday replacement" (e.g. for admins), is also solved in an excellent way by the rights and access permission system, and employees are happy to use it.

We would also like to mention the world-class support in the introduction, installation, and training of the system on-site by an employee of MATESO, who promptly answered all of our technical and organizational queries. Likewise, the fast and always very competent support reaction in case of emerging questions and issues.

Conclusion: from the first talks with MATESO up to the commissioning and the application itself: it was an IT project the way you want it!«

Manfred Mayer

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