Safety is always at the highest level.
For this reason, the SySS was commissioned to perform a penetration test.

“The SySS GmbH has evaluated the safety level of the tested Password Safe and Repository 8 application software as very high. The confidentiality of sensitive data, such as passwords and documents, is ensured by secure cryptographic methods and a limited access to the relevant keys. Regarding the protection objectives, integrity, and availability, SySS GmbH could not find any weaknesses.”

Sebastian Schreiber | Managing Director of SySS GmbH

IT Security Made in Germany


MATESO GmbH, with the product “Password Safe and Repository”, is also a member of the TeleTrusT Initiative “IT-Security made in Germany”, and that fact verifies the following:

The company headquarters are in Germany. 

The company offers trusted IT security solutions.

The products offered include no hidden access points.

The company’s IT security research and development
takes place in Germany.

The company undertakes to meet the requirements
of the German data protection law.