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Join millions of users worldwide who already trust in Password Safe – including 20 of the top 30 DAX companies. Driven by the passion to protect: We maintain the highest standards and continuous innovation with professional Enterprise Password Management. Password Safe – IT-Security made in Germany.


Start of the  Password Safe success story

Password Safe was created in the late 90s based on a specific need. At that time, there was still no software dedicated to professional password management. Thomas Malchar, Managing Director of MATESO GmbH, developed a pragmatically structured application, which was initially used only within one corporate environment. It could not be foreseen at that time that the product would become a market leader in the German speaking countries.

Due to steady increase in demand, Thomas Malchar realized quite quickly the limitless potential of Password Safe, and started marketing it in 2001.

Without any outsourcing, MATESO GmbH combines the divisions Development and Service & Support in its premises in Neusäß, located at the gates of Augsburg.


Companies worldwide  use 
Password Safe 

Without any outsourcing, MATESO GmbH combines the divisions Development and Service & Support in its premises in Neusäß, located at the  gates of Augsburg. With Version 8, the marketing concept is converted to the distribution. The hitherto internally controlled direct sales division is thus prepared for the globally expanding future market. 

Due to the highly specialized requirements, the labour market alone is no longer enough to find the right staff. A suitable training of specialists in the spacious business premises with the latest IT equipment is a major key to success.

Our concepts are not a utopia; we are currently testing them in the design phase for feasibility and safety – everything according to the multi-control principle. This is the only way to develop quality and to deliver security. 


of the top 30 DAX companies  
rely on Password Safe

Service is our business, perfection is our goal, and your satisfaction is our guarantee. Standing still is not an option. The steady feedback from our customers makes sure it will not happen. The customers can confirm that we are on the right track. They also motivate us every day, with their wishes and suggestions, towards a customer-oriented development of our products. It goes on and on.

»For us, security is not just an option. It is a promise we make to our customers, and we are working hard every day to keep that promise.«

Thomas Malchar | CEO MATESO GMBH

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