Password Safe 8 on the Go

Password Safe 8 is now also available for mobile use: With the new app for iOS and Android, you can access data flexibly from your smartphone and log on to all services on the move

Including Single sign-on, end-to-and encryption, form templates and much more!

Fast and save

registered and


  • Quick setup via EasyConnect
    To register, simply scan the QR code on the Client or WebClient via App, enter your profile and get started
  • App login in seconds
    Use biometric methods such as Face-ID and fingerprint for App login
  • Automatically logged in
    with autofill via
    single sign-on

No more

manual typing or

long searching

  • Passwords at a glance
    Sort data records with the tag function and keep an overview even on small screens
  • Share and manage passwords securely
    With personal area for private login data and team area to share passwords
  • All data at hand on the way
    No annoying scrolling thanks to simple quick search

You decide,

when and where

you want to work

  • Once connected, always with you
    Access and edit all your current data records in Password Safe whenever you want
  • No hotspot in sight?
    Whether on the train or in a meeting: Log in and access your data from anywhere via App
  • Whether via Tablet, Galaxy or iPhone
    Use cross-device access for iOS and Android


No customer yet?

Just contact our sales team hERE 


simply download

Already Version 8 customer? Download now!

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