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Team security for secure password management

Efficient security brings out the best in your team

Simplify collaboration and securely share passwords and business secrets

More than 31% of employees share their work email passwords, according to research conducted by Yubikey while 60% of employees have insufficient cybersecurity training to work remotely. Engaging in poor security practices, at work and remotely, are playing a significant role in putting the company at great cybersecurity risk. To mitigate these threats, it essential to step up security practices company-wide. Take control with granular authorisation management for different roles to be dynamically managed for a more structured sharing of passwords.

Share passwords the smart way with password safe

Plain text is plain blunder

Share passwords the smart way

A collaborative workplace calls for sharing of data. Teams require a secure and controlled way to share passwords, keys, profiles etc. Storing and sharing sensitive information on excel sheets or sticky notes poses an excellent opportunity for hackers to access readable information. These plain text passwords and business secrets exchanged on an unencrypted communication channel can be easily misused. Professional password management ensures an easy and secure way of storing and sharing business information.

  • Augment collaboration with secure data sharing
  • Data is safely stored in an encrypted manner
  • Information is only accessible to the intended user

Rule with role-based access

Where team members play a big part

Every employee plays an important role in the company. Their varied responsibilities can be mapped with the privileges needed for them to access sensitive information with role-based access control (RBAC). This need-to-know principle makes it simple to assign permissions making the process less prone to errors.

  • Assign exact rights based on employee roles and responsibilities
  • Eliminate under or over authorisations with controlled permissions
  • Flexibly manage secure onboarding and offboarding of employees
  • Map employee role changes with appropriate authorisations
Rule secure with role-based access
Power control for power users with secure password sharing in teams

Take charge

Power control for power users

Password Secure supports managers, admins, and team leads with the proper controls to manage their teams. The FullClient view enables all active modules with priority visibility for efficient workflow management.

  • Share, authorise, and manage passwords with colleagues
  • Choose to view or hide modules to best match requirements
  • Monitor actions and encourage secure password practices

Manage approval rights


Approval is required to reveal a password that has been protected by a seal


Passwords are camouflaged and need to be requested for plain text access


Reason must be provided by the user and subsequently approved for the user to use a password

Our white paper

“Rights over Rules:  The Advantages of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)”

“Say goodbye to single and over-authorisations as well as role explosions in your company – with RBAC: Get to know the benefits of flexible rights management in Password Secure and profit from valuable tips for implementing it in your organization!”

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