Password policies

Password policies for a secure company

Secure by default

Protect business data with an effective password policy

Cyberattacks don’t announce their arrival, which means companies can never let their guard down. The foundation of data security reinforced with secure password policies is something every company owes to their stakeholders, and to themselves.

Take back the reins to password security

Take back the reins to password security

Developing a cohesive and efficient password policy is the cornerstone of security for every company. Password Secure makes it easy to maintain clear oversight into your company’s policy.

Gain insight into password activity and be able to track the journey to get a clear picture of how employees are abiding by your password policy.

  • Apply rules with features like the password generator to create robust passwords
  • Maintain oversight into password activity like password resets
  • Access the logbook to review and track Password Safe user interactions

Best practices for better protection

Healthy password practices are as obvious as they are overlooked. Enable tighter cybersecurity through a robust policy. Password Secure
simplifies the process for establishing strong password guidelines and empowers you to put password security at the top.

Password strength

Customise character limits for passwords for different accounts


Set up to 4 different categories for creating passwords

Preview rules

See how any new rule will apply before implementation

Forbidden passwords

Blacklist any weak, unsafe passwords from being used

Put your password policy into effect

Create the password policy that best works for your company. You can easily implement its practice with the password generator or with form fields. Ensure passwords are secure, strong, and set as a practice for your teams.

  • Define any policy rules as default options for form fields
  • Maintain complexity of passwords for certain accounts
  • Only allow passwords that meet your password guidelines
Take back the reins to password security
Whitepaper Password Guidelines

“Password Guidelines”

According to the German Federal Office for Information Security, passwords should only be changed for a specific reason. So which security policies are (still) advisable with regard to passwords, and which ones do actually increase the risk potential of cyberattacks?

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