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Better password hygiene with password safe

Stop using compromised passwords

Ensure good password hygiene with strong passwords in your company

Safeguarding business data for your company and your employees goes beyond just creating strong passwords. Though they are the bedrock of data security, they remain effective only as long as we adopt a healthy password policy. Password Secure enables your business to create and implement policies that best serve your goals. Customise rules, encourage their adoption, and monitor usage with an array of powerful features that can reliably secure your company data.

Your weapon against compromised passwords

set secure passwords for better password hygiene
Use complex passwords

Enforce using long, random, and unique passwords that agree with your company’s guidelines to prevent cyber-attacks.

Choose password length

Boost password strength by setting a minimum character length and define the parameters to be met.

Avert snooping eyes

Stay clear from shoulder surfing with masked passwords that prevent them from being revealed.

Safely share passwords

Simplify team synchronisation and enhance collaboration amongst colleagues with secure password sharing.

Automatically reset passwords

Schedule recurring, automated password resets that are synchronised across devices.

Prevent plain text exchange

Eliminate sharing passwords in plain text with security features like password masking and seal functions.

Encourage best practices

Create strong password policies and educate teams on password practices with training sessions.

Maintain data oversight

Track compliance of your password policy and have visibility over details like the number of password changes.

complex passwords for a better password hygiene
Whitepaper Password Guidelines

“Password Guidelines”

According to the German Federal Office for Information Security, passwords should only be changed for a specific reason. So which security policies are (still) advisable with regard to passwords, and which ones do actually increase the risk potential of cyberattacks?

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