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What NBB says about Password Safe

“With Password Secure we have found a reliable solution that covers all our password needs as a company.”

TAP.De customer quote about Password Safe


“Just click on the blue circle in the browser, log in and you’re done – as simple as it is ingenious!”

Wiener Zeitung customer quote about Password Safe

Wiener Zeitung

“Finally, we can offer our employees a password management solution that they enjoy using and that provides them with all the features they need.”

Bandel customer quote about Password Safe


“Password Secure is an extreme time and cost saver, especially for our IT! We wouldn’t even know how to manage our day-to-day business without Password Secure.”

Oberschwaben Klinik customer quote about Password Safe


“Thanks to Password Secure, we ​​can guarantee optimal protection for any information that has been handed over to us.”

Energie Steiermark customer quote about Password Safe

Energie Steiermark

“Password Secure is a tool that supports the IT best for the efficient and secure password management.”

Certgate customer quote about Password Safe


“With Password Secure, password problems like failed logins and insecure shared passwords are a thing of the past. In combination with the AirID product family, I additionally secure access with a 2nd factor and thus make it easier for users – Handsfree Authentication made in Germany.”

Linz AG customer quote about Password Safe

Linz AG

“Already shortly after the introduction, the added value could be noticed through increased willingness to finally comply with the guidelines by inserting sensitive data into the Password Secure system.”

Deutsche Plasser customer quote about Password Safe

Deutsche Plasser

“Password Secure not only takes a lot of pressure off IT: where employees had to remember up to 20 passwords, now one click is all it takes to log in – without the employee even knowing the password.”

Commerzbank customer quote about Password Safe


“Commerzbank in Germany and Singapore uses the products Password Secure by MATESO to manage access, identities and passwords.”

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