Automation with password safe

Reduce scope for errors, automatically

Automate tasks with Password Secure to get more important work done

Secure productivity with password safe

Secure productivity

We believe processes should be secure. But we also believe they should accelerate and augment productivity. With an innate value for your resources, automation with Password Secure removes the repetitive grind and offers more room for speed, efficiency, and optimisation.

Reap the benefits of strategic work

Automation brings a positive addition to Password Secure, mitigating repetitive processes and maintaining valuable resources. Password management has become more efficient, augmenting productivity significantly.

Password Safe autofill

Have your username and password automatically filled out for you. With our browser extension, free your fingertips from having to manually enter login details ever again.

Automatic password resets with Password Safe
Password reset

Cut IT some slack and free them from the time-consuming, repetitive task of password resets. Update credentials automatically to increase productivity, and peace of mind.

Password Safe AD integration with LDAP
AD integration with LDAP

Easily integrate and synchronise user accounts with Password Secure and your AD without maintaining multiple versions. The same set of logins can be used in all systems.

Let technology do the work for you

Streamline operations and increase productivity while Password Secure takes care of the heavy lifting. Take advantage of intelligent workflow management systems and turbocharge efficiency.

Privileged access management (PAM) with password safe
Privileged access management (PAM)

Too much of anything can be a bad thing. The same goes for user rights.
Riding on the principle of least privilege, user rights can be regulated according to the roles users carry. These rights align with the exact permissions users need to fulfill responsibilities.

Security information and event management

Security management (SIEM) lies in your control.
Full visibility into account activity gives you the vantage point to react to any unusual account behaviour. Protect your business data with real-time insight empowering you to take action.

System provisioning automation systems
System provisioning automation systems

Shift your system into autonomous mode.
When a new system, like a server, is set up, provisioning takes care of all operations that are needed to get it working. It gets to the desired state of the server as per available resources.

User provisioning automation systems
User provisioning automation systems

Change is easier when the transition is simpler.
As users change roles, so do their rights. Automated provisioning removes the burden of manually adding or removing privileges. Automatically manage user accounts to reduce any scope for error.

Password-less login with password safe

Password-less login

Logins get more secure

Access your accounts without a master password

Based on Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to authenticate users, coupled with multi-factor authentication (MFA), the single sign-on (SSO) feature provides employees with a password-less login.

Does your company meet the ABCs of SSO?

A utomatic logins extra-secured with MFA
B usiness-ready password-less work for teams
C entralised, seamless access to all accounts

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