Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication with password safe

Stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve

Add an extra proof of identity to authenticate logins

Passwords are great. Stronger passwords are even greater. But to truly champion password security, you need an additional layer of protection to doubly secure your business data. Go beyond basic security by adding another authentication factor to access your accounts. One tap, one fingerprint, or one-time password – choose from a variety of flexible methods to verify identity

Multi-factor authentication

Flexibly fits your company

Variety of MFA methods for employees and teams

Password-less login

SSO solution simplifies user access with verification

Lowers helpdesk costs

Password reset calls to IT are reduced, saving time and cost

No unauthorised access
Sensitive data is accessible to the right people at the right time

Seamless implementation

Password Secure simplifies the process for establishing
strong password guidelines.


  • Easy to deploy without extra resources
  • Simple set-up and administration


  • Increased business data security
  • Centralised control for company levels


  • Easy adoption and usage
  • Password-less login
Seamless implementation with password safe
Several ways to log in to Password Safe

Several ways to log in to Password Secure

Don’t want to use a master password? Here are two more options to sign in.


  • Use your employee card to log in to Password Secure’s desktop application.


  • Use the FIDO2-compliant token like the YubiKey to log in on the web application.

Multiple authentication options

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