Made in Germany

Made in Germany

German engineering


Driven by innovation

More than a label, our Made-in-Germany software is a hallmark of distinction

We pride ourselves in manufacturing security software that carries relentless research, innovation, and quality. While our headquarters are in Germany, our hearts are with our customers. Your company’s data security is our priority, which is why our software falls nothing short of providing world-class quality. And our commitment towards data protection, privacy, and people remains unwavering.


Assured data compatibility.
Customers can expect extended support from our dedicated experts as well as software maintenance that can be offered post-set-up.

Research and Development

Research and development based in Germany.
Made with the highest standards and meeting stringent quality tests, innovation is an integral part of development.

GDPR compliant

Compliant with GDPR.
Respecting user rights with regards to how data is stored and processed, we have successfully embraced GDPR requirements. Read more

IT Security made in Germany

The advantages of having home-bred software are multi-fold. Our research and development are rooted in Germany, our support personnel provides valuable reinforcement from all regions of the country, and innovation remains at the helm of our company.


company founded


happy customers


passionate team members

Password Safe's GDPR commitment
Whitepaper IT Grundschutz

IT baseline protection

The IT baseline protection compendium from the German Federal Office for Information Security helps to securely protect a company’s own IT systems, data and processes in the age of digitisation. How can the password recommendations be implemented in the best possible way with Password Secure to secure companies?

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