Data ownership

Data ownership with password safe
Your digital identity belongs only to you

Your digital identity
belongs only to you

Choose to store your data on-premises or in the cloud

Manage passwords, files, documents and more, across the enterprise, on your server. Password Secure ensures you have total control of your data. Time to reclaim your digital identity.

Self-hosted password management—own your data

Data ownership – Password Secure offers you the freedom of choice.
The freedom for your company to host the server empowers you with greater access control. With the benefit of being independent, there is no reliance on any public services.

Self-hosting – Your data stays on your servers, whether on-premises or in a remote facility.
Tailor where your data is stored and how it’s managed, that best fits the unique needs of your business.

self-hosted: own your own data

Your password security, in your control

Available as an app, a desktop application, and on the web, Password Secure makes it easy for employees to access passwords and other sensitive data across devices. Whether you want your data to be stored on the enterprise server in your local data centre or in the cloud, the choice is yours.

Full control of data storage

Data is stored on the company server providing you with complete control.

Speedy technical support

Our dedicated team of experts is available to offer their assistance.

Flexible, scalable, reliable

Reduced latency and 100% availability ensures immediate, secure access to data.

whitepaper from self-hosted to outsourcing

“From self-hosting to outsourcing”

Whether it’s SaaS, cloud, managed service or on-premises: There are various terms circulating through the IT landscape these days when it comes to using software. With this overview, we compare the respective advantages and disadvantages to help companies find the right solution!

Start securing your business today!

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