Under Lock and Key

For a more secure world online, it is important to trust the programs you are working with. By keeping online information safe MATESO GmbH offers peace of mind, security, and privacy. Here we take a look at MATESO as it wins 2021’s Leading Innovators in Password Security Solutions – Germany.

Since its development in 1998, MATESO GmbH has helped over 10,000 B2B customers stay safe online. MATESO offers a central password management solution for companies regardless of their business size, location, or industry, from the administration of passwords to securing their storage.

As a market leader within the DACH region, MATESO’s Password Secure is a flawless encryption software altering the way we see security. The highly secure and user-friendly self-hosted software is stored on the customers` own servers on-premises or even in their private Cloud. Password Secure frees employees from their entire password burden through automation while protecting all company access, information, and secrets.

MATESO’s vision is access to information with all aspects of trust. For this, the MATESO team works every day to develop according to the highest security standards, as if it was their own data. At MATESO, the customer and the protection of their operational secrets always come first, which is why customers also host their data 100% in their own company. In addition, MATESO practices transparent communication both internally and externally. For this reason, the support and consulting team is particularly concerned to offer not just one product but several solutions for customers’ requirements. Solution architects help customers identify individual problems Password Secure can solve and configure them for their specific needs.

With MATESO’s Password Secure, employees are freed from all password responsibility and do not have to struggle with thinking up or remembering complex passwords anymore. The login happens automatically, and passwords can also be shared covertly within groups. This way, passwords remain secure even if they are shared with external parties or if an employee leaves the company. Any employee can use Password Secure without any training. Different views allow both IT and all other employees to work efficiently with Password Secure daily. This enables companies to deploy Password Secure holistically across the whole organisation to protect all passwords in every department from unauthorised access.

Further, the professional password manager ensures that passwords and secrets are kept end-to-end encrypted so that nothing gets lost or compromised. Password Secure is completely scalable, too, meaning that it can be adapted to any company size. All activities are stored in Password Secure for revisions in a GDPR-compliant manner so that all changes and actions can be tracked transparently. Password Secure is a service that could potentially save an entire business from being in a world of trouble when it comes to its protected data. Especially throughout the pandemic, many businesses shifted to being mainly online and individuals needed to access sensitive information over their laptops and computers daily. To ensure security, the admin can also set passwords with
expiry dates so that they are automatically replaced by new secure passwords when they expire. Now that the pandemic has eased off and people are returning to office-based work, MATESO is continuing on its journey of protecting said companies. It provides the most innovative and simple solutions to what could become complex problems, and it does so with all of its customers in mind.

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