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Password Safe MSP

Security even without own IT infrastructure

Password Management as a service for SMEs

Do you have acute security problems but lack IT resources? Password Secure can be established professionally and quickly in your company through our certified partners. Remove installation hassles and set-up efforts from your end, and let us take care of getting it up and running for your company.

Password Secure – award-winning cybersecurity made in Germany.

Let an expert take password management off your hands

Outsource the administration and maintenance of Password Secure to one of our certified Managed Service Providers (MSP). This way, you can concentrate on your core tasks and secure your company even without your servers or IT expertise. Your data is hosted by the MSP in highly secure data centres in the DACH region.

Relieve your IT 

Update, maintenance, or configuration: our certified MSP partners take over the management of the software so that your IT has time for strategic business tasks. Eliminate your investment and implementation costs.

Start small, scale up

Starting from a few users: MSP can be used right from one license ensuring security in the company quickly and efficiently. The number of users can be adjusted every day–so you can flexibly make changes according to your requirements.

Full cost control

Pay for what is used: only active users are billed. Billing is clearly structured on a monthly basis and without a minimum contract term. Friendly, flexible terms offer security at all times.

MSP basic edition

This version offers basic security for your business.

Password Safe MSP basic edition

The basic version is part of every MSP licence and contains all the following basic features of Password Secure. For a high level of initial security for your employees and your company:

  • Team password manager
    Sync up with your team members with secure sharing.

  • Mobile app
    Create passwords on the go and log in securely from anywhere.

  • Browser extension and App
    Log in securely and easily in the browser extension or Password Secure app. From anywhere.
  • Two-factor authentication
    Use a second factor to double-secure access to your passwords.

Additional options

Expand the basic edition with additional services on a monthly basis.

Password Safe MSP additional options
  • Task system
    Automate recurring tasks and have reports issued to you at the end of the month.

  • AD integration
    The users are managed via the Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Emergency WebViewer
    Even in the event of a system failure, access to all passwords is always guaranteed. (Modul System Task required)

  • Seal function
    Due to the multiple eyes principle, two or more colleagues must grant approval, before a password can be viewed.

  • Offline access
    Passwords can be accessed offline without interrupting work.

  • Temporary rights
    Assign passwords to student workers or interns for a limited time.

Password Safe white paper self-hosted or MSP

“From Self-Hosting Up To Outsourcing”

Whether it’s SaaS, cloud, managed service or on-premises: There are various terms circulating through the IT landscape these days when it comes to using software. With this overview, we compare the respective advantages and disadvantages to help companies find the right solution!

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