Password management
for the retail industry

password management for the retail industry

Secure shopping – online and offline

Customised IT security solutions for the retail sector

Retail is going digital. What has become more and more popular in recent years is here to stay, especially in the post-pandemic era. Retailers are setting up online shops and sales channels to connect with their customers. A professional password manager will help secure these new ways of conducting business against cyberattacks.

Protect the retail industry with password safe

Retail industry and cybersecurity

Whether a speciality store, a supermarket, or a department store: stores dealt with massive amounts of personal data daily as more than 2 billion people shopped online in 2020. According to a report conducted by Capgemini, customers in today’s age value cybersecurity more than discounts or brand identity. Password Secure empowers retailers to embrace newer channels of business while steering clear from cyber risks.

Flexible password management for retailers

Complex passwords in retail

Complex passwords

Only secure passwords go in the shopping cart! With the password generator integrated into Password Secure, strong and unique passwords can be easily created in just one click.

Secure access in retail

Secure access

Whether cash registers, terminals, or branch offices, Password Secure allows employees to log in across devices and locations. On top of that, two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your saved passwords.

Protected logins in retail

Protected logins

Retail stores face a high risk of shoulder surfing due to the continuous traffic of customers, jeopardising employee passwords. With the masking feature, passwords are hidden and can be securely shared.

Data protection in retail

Data protection

When handling personal data, privacy concerns quickly surface. Password Secure abides by stringent data regulations that ensure user privacy is respected and no personal data is shared.

Information brochure on password management in the retail sector

Password Secure in the retail industry

From specialist shops to department stores and supermarkets: anyone who works in retail processes a lot of sensitive data every day. And it is above all this sensitive data that hackers are targeting. Increasingly, cyberattacks on the retail sector are also being registered. Optimise IT security in retail with Password Secure.

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