Password management for the manufacturing industry

Password Management for the manufacturing industry

Digitisation in the manufacturing sector?

Secured and assured

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 enable people and machines to work hand in hand. IT applications are increasingly being linked to machinery and plants. Networks are being opened up to service providers and production facilities. But all this also increases the risk of cybercrimes that cause disruptions in the value chain and cause competitive disadvantages. Set up a secure environment where employees can balance password security and ease of use. A trustworthy password manager reduces password fatigue where employees don’t have to remember multiple passwords for their various systems like the ERP system.

Protect the manufacturing industry with password safe

Reliable protection for secure processes

Operations of modern industrial machines present numerous backdoors for hackers. Due to this, many manufacturers hesitantly digitise processes and sales suffer. Instead of employees having to remember multiple passwords for their accounts or ERP systems, make logins easy via single sign-on. Set strong passwords to mitigate cyber threats, factor-in password complexity to maintain oversight on accounts, or assign role-based controls as per company hierarchy.

A comprehensive solution for a safe manufacturing environment

Passwords available offline

Passwords available offline

To protect access to industrial machines without internet connection and provide uninterrupted availability, passwords are also available offline.

More security and control

More security and control

Shift work times are easier to manage with the least privilege principle as employees have access to the exact information they need during their hours.

Encryption of data

Reduce employee hassles   

Eliminate the need to remember numerous passwords for different accounts and use network authentication to access systems with single sign-on.

Securing embedded devices

Securing embedded devices

Embedded devices like industrial control components are often shipped with insecure default passwords. Password Secure replaces them with secure passwords.

Information brochure on password management in the manufacturing sector

Password Secure in the manufacturing industry

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 mean that man and machine work hand in hand. Intelligent and networked industrial plants offer companies a wide range of opportunities, but at the same time, they create new security risks. Optimise IT security in the manufacturing industry now with Password Secure.

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