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The IT sector can become a tempting target for hackers. Enterprises contain massive amounts of critical information and while technology remains a key enabler, it also increases data privacy concerns. As infrastructures are expanding in size and capacity, so is the vulnerability of security breaches. Securing this ecosystem of innovation and cutting-edge development remains paramount. And it begins with strong password hygiene that is followed company-wide. Simplify the implementation of password policies so employees are encouraged to follow a healthy password regime.

Password Safe in der IT

Powering innovation with secure systems

IT organisations have a larger digital environment to protect being the early adopters of new technology. Along with the breach of sensitive data, loss of reputation is a heavy price to pay. Being part of an evolving business landscape mandates making data encryption a critical component of your security strategy. Trust-worthy password management solutions store your sensitive business data in an encrypted form that only authorised users can access. Maintain company-wide visibility over your password security, with one centralised tool.

Achieve agility with an adaptable security solution

Full protection with password safe

Full protection

Your access to data is not limited by time, place, or any ideal conditions. In case of a server failure, company operations do not come to a standstill and data remains secure and accessible.

Simple administration

Granular control capabilities enable you to maintain oversight over password activity like logins, or the number of times a password is changed. You can even assign permissions with role-based access.

Full data sovereignty

Full data sovereignty

A company’s data is their business, and theirs only. Password Secure, a self-hosted solution, makes it easier to manage and store your data, on-premises or in the cloud.

High adaptability

High adaptability

You need a partner that runs at your pace, not slows you down. With high availability, Password Secure is your scalable, reliable security solution that seamlessly adapts to your individual requirements.

Password Safe in IT

Password Secure in the IT industry!

Security in the IT industry is as vulnerable as it is critical. Sophisticated hacker groups are targeting IT companies to steal their research and mark it as their own. Learn how your company can use a trusted security solution to spear ahead without being taken down.

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