Password management
for the healthcare industry

Password Management for the healthcare industry

Your health records are in safe hands—so are your passwords

Supporting healthcare with a robust security solution to protect sensitive information

Within the healthcare industry, securing patient data and ePHI is key to bridging the gap in medical data security and supporting new modes of care. Implementing password policies as more medical devices are connected to the internet is a tall task requiring a targeted defence approach. Password Secure offers a centralised solution to safeguard critical access data for the healthcare machines you use.

Protect the healthcare industry with password safe

Security is priority

In the healthcare industry, more sensitive data is being collected and passwords from practices and clinics are hacked, leaked, and made accessible on the darknet. Telehealth, digital practices, post-pandemic surge in medical attention has overloaded professionals and their systems. Inadequate authentication mechanism and over-authorisations remain a grave problem. Enhanced password management and its education remain key for healthcare entities. Strong passwords together with two-factor authentication are what will inevitably improve the security posture of institutions.

Top-tier protection for critical infrastructure

Respecting all rules in healthcare industry

No more default options

Most vulnerabilities with medical software are due to unchanged default passwords accessed by unauthorised individuals. Generate strong, unique values with the password generator to shore up your cyber defence.

Cross-platform solution

Information is at your fingertips. Whether bedside terminals, patient tablets, or hospital information systems, employees can easily access crucial medical data anywhere with the web application.

Documented data access in healthcare

Documented data access

Laws regarding patient rights are required to meet specific security measures. With Password Secure’s integrated history and logbook, all accesses are audit-proof and password activity is available for review.

Fast access for authorised staff in healthcare

Fast access for authorised staff

In case of an emergency, every second counts. Role-defined authorisation management allows the staff to immediately get the access data for electronic patient files to rapidly provide assistance.

Information brochure on password management in the healthcare industry

Password Secure in the healthcare industry

The importance of reliable and encrypted access management has increased more in the healthcare sector than in almost any other industry in recent years. Reasons for this include the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), increased cyber-attacks and high requirements such as KRITIS. Optimise IT security in the healthcare sector with Password Secure.

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