Password management
for the education industry

Password management for the education industry

Education isn’t limited to the classroom – neither are breaches

Empowering institutions with reliable security every time, everywhere

Educational institutions are continuing to extend their services to online platforms. However, using digital tools makes this process vulnerable. Cyberattacks that find a backdoor entry can lead to serious data mishaps. Professional password management protects institutions against such data breaches, seals entry points, and keeps services like remote learning open.

Protect the education industry with password safe

Protecting the most valued asset of institutions – knowledge

While digital libraries are widening access to knowledge, the availability of information is bringing a greater risk for cyber-attacks. Repositories of knowledge and digital infrastructures become the primary target of malicious attacks. Any weakness with security can lead to a loss of data integrity and compromise invaluable information. Password Secure helps institutions secure their systems, provide reliable access to stored information, and fend off cyber-attacks with strong passwords for your accounts.

Simple, flexible, and secure digital learning

Password management from anywhere, everywhere

Password management from anywhere, everywhere

Educational institutions work with various tools, websites, and systems. One centralised tool can make it easier to log in securely anywhere, any time, across any device.

 Collaborations as flexible as can be

Collaborations as flexible as can be

The Password Secure interface for power users offers authorisation management to manage the access rights. Team members can easily collaborate and share passwords across faculties.

Always accessible–even in an emergency

Always accessible – even in an emergency

For institutions to continue functioning even during a server failure, passwords are available offline. Credentials are automatically backed up so students can continue to access university resources.

Relieved IT department

Relieved IT department

Students and employees no longer have to worry about refreshing passwords. Automated resets make this a hassle-free process. As a result, helpdesk calls are reduced, saving time and cost.

Information brochure on password management in the education sector

Password Secure in the education industry

The healthcare crisis has hit educational institutions harder than any other industry. IT departments had to enable online learning for thousands of students overnight, including creating, managing and securing multiple accounts and credentials. Overload and uncertainty plagued not only the IT departments, but also the staff, faculty and students of the universities. Optimise IT security in education now with Password Secure.

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