Password Secure
for management

password safe for management

Security always pays off

Save time and money with efficient password management

When employees manage their accounts manually, they tend to use weak passwords. Moreover, collaboration is hampered and security is threatened with insecure password sharing. When it comes to password hygiene for your organisation, the buck stops here. Adopting healthy password habits begins with you. Why save passwords on sticky notes when you can rely on a centralised tool for professional password management?

weak passwords cost more than you think

Your passwords cost more than you think

In Europe, the average cost of cybercrime has jumped to €50,000 per incident – a staggering six-fold increase from the previous year. Poor password management is weak security management. The security upgrade for your company comes with reliable password management. Secure sensitive business data, share passwords across teams, maintain oversight on password activity and take prompt action on insecure passwords with Password Secure.

Core benefits

High product adoption

Even employees who are not tech-savvy can work with the LightClient’s simple user interface without any training effort. Increase the willingness to use a password manager and minimise IT security risk.

Compliant with data regulations

When hackers get a hold of sensitive data, the company incurs high costs and a major threat to its image. Password Secure not only encrypts all sensitive data but also meets stringent data protection regulations.

Productive IT department

If the help desk is always busy searching for passwords on post-its, how will they ever have time for primary functions? Password Secure allows power users to take over such responsibilities or automate these tasks altogether.

Favourable return on investment

The total annual costs of help desk requests and manual password management add up quickly. When investing in Password Secure, the break-even point can be reached in just a matter of months.

Secure your business

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