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Keep an eye on password security

Digital peace of mind with password management

The management of business credentials is both an important and a delicate topic for admins. Where it’s crucial to educate colleagues on password best practices, individualised training is not always sufficient without having the right tool, to begin with. Already managing several tools, admins seek a password management solution that is secure, self-explanatory, and inevitably encourages better password habits.

More security, more time for work that matters

More time for meaningful work

An admin spends the better part of their day having to remember numerous credentials, searching for the correct ones, responding to password reset requests—disrupting their daily business and hampering productivity. With Password Secure, employees can easily create robust, unique passwords for their accounts and securely manage their data. As an admin, you can move away from repetitive tasks having to constantly reset passwords for your colleagues and focus on your core activities instead.

Advantages that unlock efficiency

Reclaim data sovereignty—remove dependency

As a self-hosted solution, all data is hosted by you. On-premises or in the cloud. Put an end to worries about insecure data storage and take ownership of your business data without having to rely on third parties.

Simplify data access—no more, no less

Do colleagues have too much access to data, have left the company, or changed roles? These are no longer your worries. Role-based access control enables you to easily assign role-specific authorisations to users.

Focus on strategic work—over repetitive tasks

Explaining your colleagues how a security tool works is tedious that takes away from your actual work. This intuitive tool can be easily adopted with little training effort giving you more time for important tasks.

Choose scalability—reduce vulnerability

You want a security tool that grows with your company and adapts to its requirements. This adaptable, flexible tool adjusts to your company’s size and scale to meet its evolving business needs and data volume.

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