Password Secure
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password management for CISOs

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Guarantee the highest level of password security

Password123 doesn’t fit with cybersecurity. Password Secure ensures CISOs no longer have to worry about weak passwords as entrance gates for hackers. Set a strong example for your teams with strong password habits that will be encouraged company-wide as employees become more security-aware. With advanced encryption software, this robust solution strengthens data security for your company.
Minimise cyber risks and ensure maximum password security with Password Safe

Minimise cyber risks and ensure maximum password security

The more accounts employees have to manage, the greater the risk of weak, insecure passwords. For CISOs, it’s crucial to maintain strong password practices for colleagues to follow suit. Password Secure is the tool that helps all employees across your company become more password-aware. Creating and implementing security policies that best fit your teams is now an effortless affair.

Reap security rewards

Security awareness

Standardise password guidelines and data handling in your company so all employees are well-aware of these practices. A trustworthy tool makes it all the more easier to create, customise, and implement an efficient password policy.

Password logs

Activity on Password Secure is logged, audit-proof, and managed in a data-compliant manner. Only users with authorised permissions can review login activity and track the history of password changes.

Measurable security

Password Secure helps to better assess data security of your company with easy-to-understand reports. Consequently, you can manage controls such as logins or password resets and easily gather relevant data for audits.

Minimal principle

User rights are authorised according to the minimum principle. This allows employees to access data according to their roles and requirements. Exposure to data mishandling is reduced and security is strengthened.

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“How To Spread Password Positivity”

This how-to guide explains why fear is counterproductive when dealing with passwords, why “human error” as a concept has had its day, and how you can get your employees to develop a positive understanding of IT security and implement guidelines in the long term.

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