Password Secure
for CIOs

password management for CIOs

Strike a balance between security and efficiency

Relieve your IT department with a robust password manager

How employees handle passwords, documents, keys, tokens etc., has a significant impact on your IT security. A company-wide solution must also consider efficiency and collaboration. With a solution like Password Secure, CIOs can create secure processes and ensure greater productivity in their teams.
With password safe you relieve not only the IT and the employees but also you implement secure accesses which are DSGVO complient

Professional password management

You know about password managers, but your company doesn’t use one yet? It’s time to take the necessary step towards IT security. Securing confidential data in an encrypted solution is where this journey begins. When 80% of cyber-attacks are due to insecure passwords, its mitigation relies on a robust security solution that abides by internal and external security regulations like GDPR, NIST, and BSI. Password Secure relieves your IT department with built-in automation as internal processes become faster and more efficient.

Core benefits

For teams

Relieve your employees and teams of manual password management. Secure passwords can be easily generated with the password manager that inevitably closes any gateway for hackers. Passwords can also be automatically reset to stronger values.


With Password Secure, data is hosted on your servers, on-premises, or in the cloud. Data sovereignty remains with your company at all times so you no longer have to rely on external parties to host your sensitive business information.

Individual support

Our team of experts are here to support you throughout your journey—from a hassle-free implementation to personalised recommendations. We partner with you right from the beginning and ensure you implement the perfect fit for your company.

Manage authorisations

Eliminate under or over authorisations to employees with role-based access control. You can grant or revoke permissions accordingly for them to resourcefully address their tasks. Maintain oversight into how much access employees have to efficiently manage work.

Start securing your business today!

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