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for all employees

secure password management for all employees

Put an end to password burnout

Let a password manager check data security off your list

Your company succeeds when you do. And no bad passwords should stand in the way. A reliable password manager secures, strengthens, and solves your password woes, effortlessly. Make it easier to synchronise with your colleagues and get work done more efficiently. What’s more, you can reduce the risks of cyber-attacks and manage all those 20, 30, 40 passwords you have without using your valuable time. And patience.

More security, more time for work that matters

Become a role model, not a target

Whether you realise it or not, your data may be on a hacker’s list of attacks. When an average employee manages around 26 passwords, keeping track of them all can be an all-consuming process. Moreover, the lack of security awareness makes you a prime target for hackers. Who’s got your back when shoulder surfing can result in data theft – from business accounts to customer information?

Befriend strong passwords

Powerfully packed

LightClient’s intuitive interface, strong security features, with the convenience of browser extensions simplify managing data. Easy to navigate without extra training makes this a top choice for employees.

All for one. One for all

A centralised tool for you and your colleagues to share, store and secure passwords makes it so much easier to collaborate. It’s ultimately a win for you and your company when everyone embraces secure password management.

Save energy by smartening security

Having to own and manage multiple passwords takes a toll in more ways than one. With a solution built to take password management off your hands, spend lesser time remembering, saving, changing credentials.

Enjoy password peace of mind

Correcting those annoying mistypes and the mismanagement to automatically logging in, generating strong passwords and securely sharing them has got to feel good. Take password management off your list, for good.

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