Password Management
for SMEs

Password Management for SMEs

Personalised security for powerhouses

Shore up defence with a cyber-secure future

It is a rather common misconception that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not pose as attractive targets for hackers. In reality, their tight budgets and limited IT resources make them easy targets. Their role as subcontractors as well targets for DDoS attacks makes them more vulnerable to data thefts. So when it comes to IT security, trust the experts. With Password Secure MSP, our competent partners take up the protection of your passwords as a Managed Service Provider.

Password Safe MSP for small companies sme

Password Secure MSP – small or no IT department?

We got your back

There is valuable intellectual property in your company but you don’t have an IT department or security know-how to protect it? Password Secure is your ideal solution available as a managed service specially catering to smaller organisations. In contrast to the established self-hosting model, a certified MSP partner hosts and manages the software for you.

Core pillars of a proactive solution

Acquire access to experts

Acquire access to experts

Concentrate on core tasks and outsource your IT department. A dedicated Password Secure partner undertakes the responsibility for the setup and support of Password Secure for your company.

Scale up or down, as required

Scale up or down, as required

Have the freedom to adjust the number of user licenses you need every month without being tied to any limits. React better to seasonal fluctuations and take changing employee numbers into account.

On-demand, on-time

On-demand, on-time

In the basic version, you can choose additional preferences on a monthly basis. Whether temporary authorisations, offline access, or emergency WebViewer, order the required service and efficiently react to short-term changes.

Efficiency, not a costly affair wit password safe msp

Efficiency, not a costly affair

Benefit from a minimum contract with flexible term lengths. There is no requirement to hire, train, or manage new personnel making your costing more predictable and planned.

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Whether it’s SaaS, cloud, managed service or on-premises: There are various terms circulating through the IT landscape these days when it comes to using software. With this overview, we compare the respective advantages and disadvantages to help companies find the right solution.

Password Secure for your company

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