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Security without limitations

IT security that meets the size and speed of your company

Despite having a dedicated IT department and abundant resources, global companies and corporations aren’t able to insure themselves again cyber threats. Having more of everything—data especially—they also have more risk of cyber-attacks. While large enterprises struggle to make fast moves, instead of giant leaps, moving forward with marginal gains would be a better approach to security. A centralised enterprise password management is an essential first step to store passwords and enable secure sharing across teams. Password Secure is your ideal solution to help ward off company-destroying disasters.

Enterprise password management

Security that goes where you go 

In large companies, many employees who are often distributed globally use multiple systems and devices. The insecure handling of credentials opens dangerous yet easy entrance gates for hackers. As a professional enterprise password manager, Password Secure helps you to secure your systems, independent of location.

Tailored to your environment

Password Management that grows with your company

Grows with your company

Password Secure is a scalable solution that meets your company’s requirements. Even with an increase in data volume, the system is fully functioning and reliable.

Simple authorisation control

Simple authorisation control

From complex hierarchies to employees joining or leaving your company, their credentials are dynamically and efficiently managed with role-based access control.

Reliable across devices with password safe

Reliable across devices

Suitable for all systems and devices, whether it’s your company mobile, computer, or network infrastructure. No matter the device, work is never hampered.

Data ownership with password safe

You own the data

As a self-hosted solution, the server can be located in the cloud or in-house. No dependency on external servers means you have full control of your data.

Our white paper “From Selbst-Hosting Up To Outsourcing”

“From Self-Hosting Up To Outsourcing”

Whether it’s SaaS, cloud, managed service or on-premises: There are various terms circulating through the IT landscape these days when it comes to using software. With this overview, we compare the respective advantages and disadvantages to help companies find the right solution!

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Some of our Password Safe customers

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