Turtle Hunter Season

For Season 3 of the digital Turtle-Hunter Billiard Event 2020 MATESO is the main sponsor! The event with Oliver Ortmann as brand ambassador takes place from 15.10. to 01.11.2020.

Unfortunately, the current situation forces us to limit contacts, which of course also affects the sport. Therefore, Turtle Hunter will broadcast all its games worldwide in live stream including interviews and sports studio! So sports enthusiasts can follow in real time how German champions compete against little Turtle in the 9 Ball.


The “Turtle Hunter” Concept

The concept “Turtle Hunter” is based on a handicap system in which games from high classes give a handicap to an experienced player, the Turtle, and try to catch up with that handicap. The Turtle at the Main Event is the professional Oliver Ortmann. In addition, Season 3 features a charity event with three categories each – the women’s, youth and handicap match. MATESO wishes all participants lots of fun challenging! Registrations are possible via the Facebook page

Facebook Event, YouTube Event


October 9, 2020|
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