Self-Hosted Password Manager

What is self-hosted software in general and what is a self-hosted password manager? What are the advantages of this type of data storage for companies and is it also suitable for me? You can find the answer to all these questions in this blog post.

Self-Hosted – what is that exactly?

Self-hosted refers to a usage model for software. This name was only created around 2010, because until then the local use of software was the normal case and had no special designation. Since software can also be used as a service (SaaS), this type of use is called self-hosted and also includes the sub-term on-premises, when the data is hosted locally. In the case of self-hosted software applications, licensees rent or buy software and install and operate it independently and on their own responsibility on their own servers or in their own as well as public clouds.

Who is this model suitable for?

Self-hosted solutions are particularly suitable for companies that already have an existing network structure and server infrastructure. It is also suitable for companies that have the capital to build an overall infrastructure and operate it. For the most part, larger companies fall into this category. While the vendor is responsible for providing the software, the customer takes care of the operation and security of the application. In addition, self-hosted usage models require basic to high-level IT skills within the company to operate and maintain the software without errors.

Self-Hosted Password Manager: Password Secure from MATESO

With a self-hosted password manager such as Password Secure, all passwords, data and access are hosted, managed and protected on the company’s own servers. The software is put into operation on the company’s own servers. The licensee takes care of the error-free operation. MATESO as the manufacturer provides regular updates and new versions and offers support.

The advantages of self-hosted software:

Data sovereignty

A big advantage of this usage model is the data sovereignty, which remains 100% with the owner of the data. Because the software is hosted on the company’s own servers or in its own cloud, all data remains within the company and is not placed in the hands of third parties, as is the case with SaaS applications, for example, or with managed service providers (MSPs). For some companies, such as those in the financial services sector, telecommunications, or federal agencies, it may be legally mandatory to host all data in the company’s own environment for security-related reasons.

DSGVO compliance

Another major benefit from 100% ownership of digital data is the certainty of meeting the requirements of data protection laws. With SaaS providers, it is often not apparent how, where and by whom the data is processed, as it is stored on the service provider’s servers. It is important to know whether the data is stored on servers in Germany or abroad, such as in the USA. It is also crucial whether the servers belong to a US company. In this case, secret services and security authorities can access personal data without a court order. Potential cyber attacks on a service provider’s server are just as dangerous. The larger the service provider and the more customers it has, the higher the risk.

Password Secure Self-Hosted

The password manager Password Secure is also available as self-hosted software. The software can be operated either on-premises or in the company’s own cloud. The data thus remains 100% with the licensee, who retains full control over it. Due to the stateless multi-tier architecture, the data is only stored on the company’s internal database, without any intermediate storage. Password Secure is location-independent and can therefore be used worldwide. Likewise, the software can be individually adapted to each company and scaled according to its needs. MATESO as the manufacturer of Password Secure also offers end customer support for its software via its partners. In summary, Password Secure Self-Hosted is particularly suitable for companies that want to retain full data sovereignty and have the appropriate infrastructure and resources to manage the software on their own servers.

Password Secure as a managed service

In addition to the established self-hosted usage model, Password Secure is also available as a managed service. This model is particularly advantageous for smaller companies in order to ensure professional password security even without their own IT department or IT expertise.

MATESO-certified managed service providers manage and host the software, so that company employees can concentrate fully on their core tasks. All data is stored in data centers in the DACH region. Password Secure as a managed service can also be individually adapted to each company. With a basic version and monthly add-on services, companies can react flexibly to changes and optimally secure their business.

You can find more information about Password Secure MSP in the blog article Password Secure as a managed service for small businesses.

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