Release 8.9

Password Safe without password? How this works with the new update and how we now also act as Identity Provider …

New features and improvements

The new update has been released! Password Safe 8.9 offers many improvements and new features for users. Also included is the XML Framework SAML to allow passwordless login via Password Safe. Passwords can now also be excluded from the add-on and new data records can be created via add-on with AD users! In addition, the document module is available in the WebClient to allow access to all important data in the browser.

Innovative IAM feature: Log in now without password who already knows Password Safe knows that we are much more than a password manager: With the Password Life Cycle we want to offer our customers a holistic solution for their corporate security! In the area of Identity and Access Management (IAM), we, therefore, guarantee full control over authorizations and access and monitor user behavior centrally within Password Safe.

In the new update, we go one step further and act as an identity provider for our users: Password Safe takes over the authentication process and the user can log in to the desired application with just one click via SSO!

How does SSO work in Identity and Access Management?

As an IdP Provider (IdP), we offer an important service for service providers by authenticating the user for single sign-on, transmitting this information securely to the service provider, and thereby allowing the login to various services.

What comes after version 8.9?

From version 8.10 it’s finally time – the new app is released for iOS and Android! Version 8 App convinces with its clear design and well-thought-out concept from SSO and offline mode to Face-ID and EasyConnect!

In addition, starting with version 8.10 Password Safe, we will position it even more strongly as a central login system in order to offer our users a central all-in-one solution including IAM!

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November 25, 2019|
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