Release 8.7 is here!

Add-on, WebClient & Co: New year, new features

Our developers are perfectionists at work. So there’s still something that can be tweaked at the Password Safe Client: Brand new, for example, is the linking of passwords via the application module. Users can now search for applications and then start them with the desired login credentials. We have also implemented image management, which now allows the icon and logo view of applications.

If it can be done on the Client, it must also work for the WebClient: True to this motto, we are continuously retrofitting our WebClient. It can now be used even more independently through the integrated logbook and notification module. This allows you to keep track of all changes from the browser. Rights templates are now available in the organizational structures of the WebClient. What many users will certainly look forward to: For more usability, the context menu can now be accessed via right-click.

So safe, so simple: The LightClient for every end-user

Familiar with your company? An intern, temporary, or newly employed worker needs quick access to Password Safe – and can at first be overwhelmed with the full range of functions. Then there are users who are supposed to work with the software as quickly as possible – no time for training or briefings. So what to do about it? Clearly, it can’t work without Password Safe. Our solution: The Password Safe LightClient. Here, we have developed a simple SSO client that allows every employee to work quickly and safely.

The LightClient offers SSO, professional password management, a password generator, and web view – and that’s all it needs: The user can store any number of passwords in the LightClient. So you can provide your employees with all the passwords they need in advance. The user must only log in and click on the desired application. What we do not have an answer for? For the question what your company should do with all the time saved!

LightClient Password Safe
March 5, 2019|
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