Password Safe as a Managed Service for Small Businesses

In addition to the established self-hosted usage model, Password Safe is now also available as a managed service! This model is especially advantageous for smaller companies to provide professional password security even without their own IT department or IT know-how. MATESO certified MSP partners manage and host the software, allowing customers to focus on their core business. In this article you can read about the advantages of Password Safe MSP.

MSP is In

The MSP market is booming. Due to the advancing digitalization and the transition to cloud infrastructure of many companies, the outsourcing of IT security is also steadily increasing. More and more companies are looking for a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to take care of the company’s IT security. The reasons for this are logical: smaller companies in particular have only a small IT security budget and no IT expertise. A recent study shows that one in three companies with fewer than 500 employees already outsources their IT security via a managed service in order to save costs and have a central point of contact. Similarly, 74% of respondents said managed service providers (MSPs) must have high cybersecurity expertise as a key skill.

 Password Safe MSP

To align with these market requirements, Password Safe is now available as a managed service. As secure password management is relevant across all industries and company sizes, smaller companies without their own IT department or large IT resources should also be able to secure their access with Password Safe. This is now possible. The main difference to the established self-hosted model is that companies are freed from all administrative and technical actions. Certified MATESO partners take care of the installation, maintenance and management of the data and act as contact persons. Thus, the complete installation and management of the software is outsourced to specialists.

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 Password Safe MSP – as secure as usual

Of course Password Safe MSP offers the usual security features. From the intuitive operation of the software to the role-based access control (RBAC) to the password generator and the secure end-to-end encryption, Password Safe MSP is as highly secure as usual. This means that passwords such as “123456” are a thing of the past. All accesses are optimally protected and employees are relieved of password responsibility.

MSP Advantages:

The company is relieved

IT security takes up too much time in your company? You don’t have a person responsible for this topic? You have acute security problems?
With Password Safe MSP, certified MSP partners take over the commissioning, administration and maintenance of Password Safe. Employees can thus concentrate on their core tasks again. The MSP specialist takes care of the secure functioning of the software.

Cost advantage and control

Your MSP specialist manages Password Safe for your company – so you save investment and implementation costs as well as necessary hardware. The data is hosted in secure data centers in the DACH region. With Password Safe MSP you also have full cost control, only a short minimum contract period and can cancel at any time at the end of the month.

High flexibility

With Password Safe MSP you can react on short notice to events in your company and adapt the software to them. You need more licenses because you have hired new employees at short notice? You want to book additional features at short notice? Everything is possible with Password Safe MSP. In addition to the basic version, you can add additional options on a monthly basis. This way you are optimally secured for any time and according to the needs of your company. In addition, with the MSP model only the high number of active users is charged, changes are taken into account monthly. Automatically – to your advantage!

“This very demand-oriented approach always ensures a convincing cost-benefit ratio, even during order peaks or lulls” – Thomas Malchar (CEO MATESO)

High availability

Access from abroad? Access from the workshop? Access on the road? Password Safe is always where you are – no matter where that is in the world. With the Password Safe app and integrated web access, Password Safe works platform-independently, so employees can securely access passwords and accounts from anywhere via their platforms.

Outsource IT security

Leave the IT security responsibility to the MSP specialist and focus on your core tasks. This way you can be sure that all your passwords, access and operational secrets are safe from hackers. Not sure if Password Safe MSP is the right long-term solution for your business? Don’t worry, you can of course switch to the self-hosted model (installation and operation on your own servers) at any time if you need more users (100+) or additional features. Take the test now to find out if Password Safe MSP is the right usage model for you.

MSP Self-Hosted or MSP? Test it!
You can find more information about Password Safe MSP here on our website.


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July 7, 2021|
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