Password Management: 4 tips on how to get every employee on board

You’ve purchased the software and installed it on all computers. You’ve conducted training. You told everyone to always and only use Password Safe. But you still find post-its with confidential login information on the screens of your employees and colleagues. You can’t force them. And you shouldn’t. Because rolling out new tools is a complex, often underestimated process that takes time and preparatory work – especially when multiple departments and locations are involved. We will show you how you can achieve a rollout with high user acceptance!

A rollout describes the introduction of new software or hardware, which always entails new work processes and methods. Next to the technical implementation, the drastic changes for individual employees are often overlooked. So, how do you get your employees and colleagues to use software like Password Safe reliably, while always demonstrating the right password behavior?

1. Create active security awareness

Most people are creatures of habit. They like to use the same programs and procedures. In the worst-case scenario, they create passwords according to the Pippi Longstocking principle – they make up the policies as they go along. Therefore, actively support the change to Password Safe with activities such as an IT security day and training on the new software to avoid reactance. Define the different target groups in advance and consider separate training courses: Because depending on the department and function, your colleagues need different knowledge and authorizations to use Password Safe.

2. The change must be worthwhile

“We’ve always done it this way. So why change?” Surely you know this objection. So put forward good reasons, and be able to do it at the drop of a hat. Either “because I say so” or perhaps better “because Password Safe will greatly facilitate your everyday work in this department, for example you will be logged in automatically”. Treat Password Safe like a program that will be part of your everyday life from now on. Like hardware to software. Or Outlook to e-mails.

3. Transparent communication and action

The more user-friendly the new system, the more confident employees will feel in using it and they will be happy to integrate it into their daily work. And if that’s not enough: During the transition phase, exert a bit of “positive coercion” so that your colleagues have to get to grips with the new software. For example, change the Wi-Fi password and make it only available via Password Safe. Now there’s no way around Password Safe and your colleagues will quickly see how easy it actually is to use.

4. Create individual training offers

IT and admins need more intensive training and Password Safe knowledge than, for example, the working student in Sales. It is therefore important to analyze the individual level of knowledge, the respective focus of use as well as any previous knowledge before creating a corresponding training concept. In this way, you can offer a variety of training courses to prepare your colleagues in the best possible way. Our solution architects will be happy to support you in the implementation and execution of a suitable training concept.

Roll out Password Safe with the LightClient

Many of your colleagues should only use Password Safe for secure and monitored login – preferably via SSO? Then the answer for a stress-free rollout is quite clear: LightClient! Our LightClient was specially designed for easy entry without any prior knowledge. It is self-explanatory, clearly structured and visually appealing. Exclusive LightClient licenses are available in the Enterprise Plus Edition. So nothing stands in the way of a company-wide rollout!

Despite all these tips, however, you must not forget: A successful rollout is an ongoing process and requires time and understanding on both sides. We would be happy to support you with internal training and consulting and our many years of experience with Password Safe rollouts – just contact us!

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March 18, 2021|
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