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Insights from our new Marketeer

There’s only one way to find out if you really fit into a company – working together every day. That’s why our new marketing employee Jana takes you behind the scenes at MATESO. We show her first impressions during the trial work, when she was helped us with the video production for a partner event!

My name is Jana, I am 26 years old and I’ll be working as a Junior Marketing Manager at MATESO from 01 February 2021. Today, in this blog post, I would like to take you along to the trial work at MATESO – behind the scenes of a shooting day, to be precise …

When I arrive in the morning in the famous location called “Maschinenraum” in Berlin, there is a pleasantly productive working atmosphere. Many MATESO employees have come from the headquarters of Augsburg to be part of the video production. In different sequences MATESO employees communicate news, changes and developments via webcast to their more than 150 sales partners.

Behind the Scenes: Webcasts in Corona Times

During the sales event, employees from various departments have their say – from IT security over product management to a statement from management. I assist with the preparations for the individual scenes and try to be helping wherever I can. The lighting still has to be installed and the sound is checked. When the cameras are also suitably positioned, it’s time for the first scene: camera on – sound on – scene one – action! Thanks to the high motivation and good preparation of the entire team, the webcast becomes an informative event. High media competence and painstakingly prepared texts strengthen the personal character. I immediately sensed – every employee here is on fire for the topic of IT security.

Who is behind the camera of MATESO?

Working on location in the midst of a pandemic gave me the great opportunity – thanks to corona testing – to get to know many members of the MATESO family personally. This way, I could be sure that my personality would make me an ideal fit for the MATESO marketing team.

I was particularly impressed on the day by how much effort, planning and attention to detail goes into such a lifestream event. As a manufacturer, it was important to MATESO to create proximity to the partner despite distance rules and lockdown and to stand out from the enormous webcast offer. With only two external camera assistants, MATESO’s marketing team produced high-quality contributions. This is only possible if all employees are motivated and believe in a common goal. And that is 100% the case at MATESO. In conclusion, it was exactly this feeling – as well as the friendliness of the entire team – that encouraged me to be very happy to become part of MATESO. In the meantime, I have signed the employment contract and am more than happy to be writing this very first blog post!

January 25, 2021|
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