The big reveal? Masked Passwords!

The big reveal? Masked Passwords!

27. November 2021 I Author: Jasleen Kaur I Category: Product

You may find it to be reassuring to have someone look over you. But when it comes to security, shoulder surfing is not something you or your company would ever want. Password masking has become an indispensable aspect of data security. Passwords can be covertly created, stored, used, and shared with team members without revealing them.

Having unauthorised users peeping into your passwords, even unintentionally, is a serious security lapse for any company. Admins can easily manage password authorisations, view activity, and control permissions for different users, their permissions, and their durations. Read how Password Secure’s inbuilt password masking feature helps secure passwords from unwanted eyes.

How does shoulder surfing happen?

From large enterprises to smaller organisations, massive amounts of personal data and business information is used on a daily basis. This data is not only valuable to its owners but also to hackers who are looking to force their way into your business processes and systems through social engineering. Being dismissed off instead of acknowledged as a form of hacking, shoulder surfing allows unauthorised access to your most sensitive business information. It is the practice of obtaining someone’s else data, information, credentials etc. criminally. The technique of ‘stealing’ this data by clandestinely observing the typed credentials over someone’s shoulder isn’t new yet is gravely overlooked. While their consequences remain underestimated, these attacks can lead to serious data breaches in companies.

Protection against keylogging

You may not even realise and inadvertently install a keylogger on your work system. That’s when the trouble begins. You type in your passwords without even knowing that your keystrokes are tracked and recorded, jeopardising your credentials and eventually your data. A password manager with capabilities that prevent this from happening is critical for ensuring such catastrophes don’t occur in the first place. Once keystrokes are captured, the hacker can easily retrieve confidential data. Credit card numbers, company records, access information, credentials, profiles – all critical business data can be threatened or used in identity theft if insufficient measures are applied.

Who seems to be interested – And why?

The intention of hackers ranges from direct monetary gains, blackmail, to selling data on the darknet. In companies, hackers go on to exploit employees by holding their personal data to ransom. They even pose as employees themselves, as someone from the helpdesk team for example, to extract valuable business access data through unethical means. Hackers cleverly communicate with members of the company in attempt to obtain their saved information. And because their identities are forged, they end up doing significant damage and getting away scot-free. A reliable password manager with a strong emphasis on security features can prevent any such misdemeanors from happening in the first place. Even if actors of malicious intent try and eavesdrop to obtain and information, they remain unsuccessful.

Passwords aren’t public knowledge – Password Secure makes sure of it.

Passwords should be strong. But they should also be private. In Password Secure, passwords can be camouflaged and kept secured from unauthorised users. Single sign-on continues to be effortless and passwords remain well-secured. Users with the necessary rights can manage necessary permissions for password masking. By applying the relevant rights in the password manager solution, they can use and even share stored credentials without having to reveal them. Employees can always request to reveal a certain masked password and provide a reason behind this request to review at a later time. These limits can be defined, assigned, or revoked. From trainees to trained professionals, choose to grant or prevent access to employees according to requirements and enable them to use passwords in their most secure form – undisclosed.

Explore how you can prevent your passwords from unwanted shoulder surfers with Password Secure.

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